Touchstone Counseling

Kelli will be taking clients until the spring of 2019.

Kelli earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 2012 from Missouri Southern State University. Afterwards, Kelli spent six years working for Child Protective Services. The first three years, Kelli worked as an investigator for the children’s division. The following three years were spent with Kelli working as a supervisor. Because of this length of experience, Kelli is knowledgeable in both the processes within CPS and how to relate with children of neglect and abuse.

Kelli has training in suicide detection and prevention. Kelli chose the Greene County Jail as her auxiliary practicum site and was able to work with the inpatient population and their mental health needs.

Because of her experience, Kelli also has extensive diversity and civil rights training. Her work has focused on equality, how to recognize discrimination, and what to do when faced with discernment. Kelli is accepting of all individuals and her past work echoes that.

Kelli is currently earning her Master’s degree in mental health counseling and will be supervised by Laura Curtis, LPC-S during her time at Touchstone. 

Kelli Pulley