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Self Pay Rate: $110.00-$150.00

Low cost self pay options are available for those experiencing financial hardship. Please contact our front office for details. 

Finding "Calm in Chaos" is an overarching theme in my counseling practice, my court appointed high conflict co-parenting sessions, expert witness testimony in family, civil, and federal court cases, as well as in my executive and life coaching practice. Conflict is prevalent today in our personal and professional lives. With so much uncertainty I found it imperative to develop a 'Mental Health Urgent Care' counseling model. In a quest to immediately address unexpected trauma, I offer sessions three days per week rooted in a medical triage model.  This permits those with critical needs to not have to wait months for a session.

My honor is to meet you were you are in life and to help you develop effective tools designed to remove the layers of negativity and fear shrouding your self-worth, self-confidence, and healthy self. My role is to help YOU identify healthy solutions and answers to life's chaos and uncertainty.

As the owner of Touchstone Counseling LLC, Touchstone Helping Families, Baker Consulting Services LLC and Garden of Healing LLC, I remain mindful of the chaos, uncertainty, and negativity facing each of us today. I wish to walk with you on your journey to gain insight, inner strength, self-care, and confidence. Let's find Calm in Chaos!

Dr. Baker is currently accepting new clients. At this time, she does not accept insurance. Dr. Baker's session rate is $110.00-.​​-$150.00

Dr. Cindy Baker, LPC

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