About Touchstone Counseling:

Our professional team is available to assist with counseling concerns utilizing a cognitive behavioral modality. We offer specialized assistance for grief/loss/ trauma, addiction counseling, conflict intervention, mediation, parenting coordination, and court ordered services/classes. Our team is available to provide individually customized services including anger management classes, life coaching, effective communication workshops, and parent training.

Group therapy is often a cost-effective approach to treatment and can provide an affordable solution to individual needs. Our professionals are available to custom tailor group needs to address ongoing concerns in our community.

Touchstone Counseling LLC is a private practice agency focused on enhancing the mental and emotional well-being of our community’s children, adolescents, adults, and families. Our mission is to work collaboratively with other professionals or organizations (schools, state agencies, attorneys, medical professionals, etc.) to provide a seamless system of care. The purpose of our mission is to identify needs within our community and then to build relationships between and among area professionals in order to develop positive solutions, or better practices to benefit our children and families.

As professionals credentialed in the state of Missouri, we are eligible for many third-party reimbursements from a number of insurance carriers and government programs. In addition we serve as providers for United Health Care Military and Veterans, United Behavioral Health, United Health Care, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Missouri Medicaid, Medicare, UMR, Mercy, and several other managed care companies and Employee Assistance Programs.

Should we be unable to accommodate your needs, we have developed a strong network of referral sources that can assist you. It is our personal mission that no individual fall through the cracks.

Established in 2005

healing and amazing!

I would definitely recommend Touchstone for anyone. This place is very warm and comfortable and i will use the word healing as far as that goes. It's not just the building , it's the doctors and all the other people who run this place and work there. Touchstone and more specifically the therapist that my kids and i have seen off and on over a period of time, has walked with my family and i through desperate times in our lives. When it was or is needed she walks in front of me to lead me,and all other times, she's right by my side. She is always there for me to come back to when i don't know what to do, when I'm at such a loss, and even when i feel good, I am amazed at these people and their generosity. I know in my heart that God brought us to Touchstone so long ago, and i know they will always be there. If i never went back, i am forever grateful for the unspeakable amount of knowledge they have given me and for their incredible family. So if you need professionalism, personalism, super caring , and the utmost respect, and you just need help, you won't find a better place, or a better group of people. I gave myself the best and so should you.